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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

School buses of G1 are well known for their safety and reliability. In fact, with the specifications of RTA, the school buses of Dubai are the safest mode of transportation for commuting from home to school and back. Parents trust school transportation programs to keep their kids safe, and video surveillance is helping the transport companies and schools do just that.

Video Surveillance System

G1 installed cameras in their buses of Dubai Schools. This is another major initiative taken to provide maximum possible safety to the students travelling in the buses. We have carried out due diligence to ensure that the Video Surveillance System is fool proof and cannot be tampered with. The system would provide recording on the purpose built rugged Digital Video Recorder (DVR). As such not only will the students be protected through the physical deterrent of continuous monitoring during travel, but evidence will also be recorded in the event of any untoward incident occurring. This evidence will be stored in a tamper proof DVR for a significant period of time and will provide indisputable corroboratory evidence when required.

Keeping Students Safe

The main reason for placing cameras on buses is to monitor the action of students, drivers and bus attendants. This monitoring tool captures images of students who fail to follow prescribed code of conduct. Failure to follow the prescribed code of conduct, any act of indiscipline by students are retrieved and used as evidence for the disciplinary procedure. DVR / Cameras allow footage of offenders to be shared with school administration, cutting down significantly the likelihood of this dangerous practice.

Monitoring Students

The drivers and bus attendants are responsible for 45 or more students at any given time in the bus. Ensuring that all students are behaving appropriately can be a challenge, especially while safely operating a big bus. Video monitoring provides protection for students and peace of mind for parents. From bullying to theft, incidences of inappropriate behavior between students decrease when the camera is turned on. Dealing with the occasional disruptive student is not uncommon. Providing footage of student behavior helps schools to appropriately handle these situations and develop consequences, as needed. Cameras also keep students safe from crime by documenting any significant location changes. When paired with GPS tracking, deviations from an assigned route can be reported quickly and danger can be communicated with School Administration.

Monitoring Drivers & Bus Attendants

While driver misconduct is not unheard of, video surveillance can actually be used to protect drivers from false claims. Many drivers, bus attendants and teachers appreciate the security of having cameras aboard. They can also protect the interests of transport staff when an accident occurs that is not the fault of the bus operator.