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Vehicle Management Reports

Vehicle Management Reports

Automatic Vehicle Location System

The location of the vehicle is obtained through this report. This is useful for the Risk Management Centre to identify the nearby vehicle which can be used for emergency situations as well as additional requirements.

Over Speed Alert

When the driver exceeds the speed limit of 80 km/hr, the Risk Management Centre set up in the School gets a pop up alert in the dedicated Alert Screen with a warning Siren. As a result, the staff on duty would call the driver immediately and ask him to reduce the speed. This practice would result in reduced road accidents and violations.

Geo-fencing Alert

All the routes are marked through the GPS coordinates obtained at the beginning of the term. In case of any violation during any geo-fenced route, the Risk Management Centre gets an alert immediately. Through this we ensure that the vehicles are not used for any unauthorized purpose. This would result in substantial control over the usage of vehicles.

Fusion Chart

The movement of the vehicles can be obtained through a fusion chart. The system will provide a graphical representation with the speed of the vehicle travelled over a specific period of time. This report is very useful for accident investigation and identifies the route cause for the accident. The driver’s driving behavior is monitored through the speed history obtained through this report.

Student Capacity Utilization Report

This report gives the list of students and staff travelled in the bus during each route. The capacity utilization is observed through the following report and this ensures optimum utilization of resources.

Routing Efficiency

The route travelled by the bus is shown with the speed of the vehicle. This reports shows the efficiency of the route. We can choose multiple vehicles used in the same area and compare the time and area covered, avoid duplicity of trips and ensure optimum efficiency.

Idling Report

The system provides a report of the vehicles that stayed idling without travelling. This will reduce misuse of the vehicle. The report provides information of during and time of the idling of a vehicle as well as the idling location. This following report will result in reduction of casual and irresponsible behaviour of the drivers.