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Sleeping Child Prevention System

Sleeping Child Prevention System

Post-trip Inspection

It is essential to make sure that no students are left on board and school bus drivers have a vital responsibility after every run. They should walk till the back of the bus and check for sleepers.

In spite of continuous training and awareness programs, yet students continue to be left on school buses, sometimes not being noticed for several hours. Young children can be stranded in a very hot bus, or they might disembark and wander off in an unknown area. Clearly, the stakes are high.

While there may be school bus drivers out there who would intentionally avoid walking to the back of the bus to check for students, even conscientious drivers can be susceptible to getting distracted by a change in routine. The electronic systems set by G1 provide a reminder, requiring drivers to go to the back of the bus to push a button / scan a tag.

Electronic Inspection Tool

Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system can also help prevent children from being left on school buses. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag is placed at the back of the bus. Before and/or after a run, the driver has to walk to the back of the bus and scan the tag there as part of a comprehensive vehicle inspection using the hand-held device of the bus. “When the driver scans the tag, the date and time are recorded and we know the exact time it was checked. At G1, we run a report confirming that the child check was completed.