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Behind The Wheel Training

Behind The Wheel Training

At Guardian One Transport, behind-the-wheel training for school bus drivers is a mandatory requirement before commending their routes. They will undergo 15 hours of pre-service behind-the-wheel training, out of which 5 hours under the observation of Transport Supervisor. The next 5 hours of driving will be done under the observation of Team Leaders / Foreman. The last 5 hours should be done on the exact route where the driver is deployed.

The behind-the-wheel training session will focus on the following:

Pre and Post Inspections

The driver is an important part of a successful safety program. Drivers are most intimately acquainted with the operation and performance of their equipment/vehicle, and so they should be the first to recognize that something is wrong with the unit. The pre and post trip inspections are the first step in establishing safety and also a long life for the equipment.

Focus Areas of Pre Inspections:

  • Check fluids on the ground
  • Engine Compartment
  • Operational Lights
  • Front of bus
  • Left side of bus
  • Rear of bus
  • Right side of bus
  • Driver cab / Interior Inspection
  • Under the bus

Focus Areas of Post Inspections

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Usage of Mirrors

Having mirrors in correct adjustment allows the driver the line of sight to see and the ability to avoid collisions. Mirrors that are not adjusted properly do not maximize the visibility intended by the mirror system. Drivers at G1 have been trained in the techniques of reference point driving. We wish to borrow this concept and apply it to adjusting mirrors to maximize visibility. An individual should be able to sit in the driver’s seat, look in the mirror(s), and quickly evaluate what adjustments need to be made.

Focus Areas – Three Mirror System

  • Interior rearview
  • Exterior rearview
  • Cross-view


Starting, stopping and braking in a proper way ensures smooth travel and safety.

Focus Areas

  • Starting: Plain ground; application of accelerator; rollback on steep streets
  • Stopping: Planning stops; Rear view mirror usage; heavy loads considerations
  • Braking: Plan for gradual stops; avoid rough use; Braking efficiency.

Lane Use and turning

Lane usage is a critical factor of school bus driver and training them on the aspect of lane usage and turning is an important aspect.

Focus Areas - Lane use and roadway position

  • Lane changes
  • Turns

Backing and Parking

Backing and parking with control and performing this activity is an important aspect of school bus Driver’s activities in the School.

Focus Areas

  • Backing in a straight line
  • Backing and parking

Driving on a route

It is mandatory that the School bus driver uses the right techniques while driving on busy roads of UAE and picking up the students.

Focus Areas

  • Entering the traffic flow
  • Crossing intersections / signals
  • Challenging weather conditions
  • Traffic conditions

Safe Travel Best Practices

It is mandatory to follow the safe travel practices introduced by Guardian One Transport.

Focus Areas

  • Before the trip
  • During the trip
  • End of the trip
  • Activity & Field trips