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Risk Management Center

Risk Management Center

Establishment of Risk Management Centre (RMC)

Risk Management Centre is a high-performance solution which is reliable and flexible. With the increasing demands on transportation management systems, which will only increase with time, this solution will allow us to manage current volumes and grow to meet future volumes and complexity.

RMC is a unique feature of G1 which will monitor the driving skills of drivers in real time basis using advanced technology like GPS, Built-in-Camera, RFID scanners etc. which has allowed us to implement concentrated control functions.


To set up a state-of-art Risk Management Centre aiming to implement an effective monitoring system, establish structure risk management, co-ordinate and handle emergency situations effectively from a central location to ensure high level of safety in all the school buses of G1.


Fleet Monitoring: All the school buses of G1 will be monitored from RMC during operational hours and beyond. Violations such as Over Speeding, Geo Fence, Harsh Braking, Engine Idling, etc. are monitored on real-time at RMC.

Risk Assessment: One of the main objectives of RMC is to improve safety through regular and structured risk assessment of all the routes, pickup & drop off points, vehicle, students, staff, drivers, bus attendants etc. In an attempt to address all the contingencies involved in the transport system, the School had developed a Generic Risk Management document where all the hazards involving the students from home to vehicle, at the pickup point while boarding the school bus, journey, school parking area and return journey. The risks involving the students, drivers, bus attendants were considered, developed control measures and additional control measures, where found necessary. Over and above the regular assessment, G1 conducts an annual Safety Audit for all the business units. All the documents of risk assessment and safety audit are kept at Risk Management Centre.

Coordinating Emergency Situations: Emergency situations are such as Accidents (Minor or Major), Natural Calamities, Vehicle Break Down, Medical emergency for one or more individuals on the Bus, etc. All staff deployed in the Risk Management Centre will work together to attend emergency situations. The prescribed procedure which is required to be followed during emergency situations is established and followed at RMC. Depending on the severity of the incident, the communication with parents will be done either through a SMS or Personalized Phone Call. The entire incident is documented with the guidelines provided, action taken, and a log of the time the incident took place and by when was it settled.

Complaints Management: The calls received by the RMC could be of any nature, such as general inquiry, complaints, suggestions, feedback, compliments and complaints by other Road users etc. All these calls are logged into the Inbound Call Log report with the relevant details mentioned in the database. These details are consolidated unit-wise as well as nature of complaints and periodically reviewed as per the established procedure for complaints management system of G1.

Reports: Our tracking system provides robust on-demand or automated reporting that ensures that the needed information is always available at the right time with all the users. This improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, extends the life of the fleet and just makes the job easier for everyone. The following are the regular reports which are monitored by RMC on regular basis:

  • Activity Detail Report
  • Begin/End Day Summary Report
  • Drive Time Summary Report
  • Driver Log
  • Engine Maintenance Report
  • Engine Performance Report
  • Fleet Location Report
  • Fleet Utilization Graph
  • Fuel Consumption/MPG Report
  • Geo-fence History Report
  • Idle Detail Report
  • Idle Time Report
  • Landmark Report
  • Odd-Hours Report
  • Posted Speed Violations Report
  • Route Efficiency Summary Report
  • Run Time Report
  • Speed Band Report
  • Speed Summary Report
  • Speed Violation Report
  • State Mileage Report
  • Stop Detail Time Report

Alerts: Our tracking alerts can send proactive messages to our drivers, supervisors, or any other concerned staff. Alerts can be as specific as possible by selecting any particular incident, only certain vehicles, certain times, certain days, in certain groups, in any combination.

Speeding Alert: When a vehicle goes above a designated speed.

Example: A driver exceeds the posted speed of 80 KMPH, an alert would then be triggered and sent via SMS text message

Idling Alert: When a vehicle is kept on without movement.

Example: A driver makes a stop or delivery and leaves the vehicle running with the air conditioning on for 15 minutes without students boarding.

Late Arrival Alert: When arriving late from landmark-to-landmark.

Example: A vehicle takes longer than specified to drive between landmarked locations.

Odd-hours Alert: When a vehicle is driving during unauthorized times.

Example: One of your vehicles is moving during the middle of the night or on a Friday, it’s possible the vehicle is being used for personal purpose.

Landmark/Geo-fence Alert: When a vehicle enters or exits a particular landmark area.

Example: The approved pickup points in a route are marked and geo-fenced. The system gives a violation report once the school bus moves out of the approved trip.