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SMART Attendance and Parent App

SMART Attendance and Parent App

Electronic Attendance and Parents’ Application is a smart solution which enhances the safety of the students using the school bus with G1. The Smart Bus Attendance system, Parents App, Student Log Report, Bus Empty Confirmation and Management Monitoring System are the key features of the system.

SMART Bus Attendance System

A hand-held device and RFID cards are used to mark the attendance of students electronically. The real-time attendance status is communicated to Parents and School Administration. Student status is updated instantly on web portal and can be viewed directly by the parent through the mobile application. A notification is sent to the parents regarding pickup and drop off points, absenteeism or even if a student misses the bus an alert is sent to the parent.

SMART Bus Parents App

Bus attendance App is a user friendly application for parents to be aware of school bus status. The real time information of the bus and student whereabouts is provided through this app. The complete information of the school bus with contact number, direction of the bus, current status of the bus is readily available. The app extends features like instant alert, GPS tracking, exact pickup and drop off time daily attendance status and direct call facility.

Student Log & Absentee Report

The electronic attendance captures the details of students scanned in and out of the buses which are displayed in the hand-held device of Bus Attendant. The parent receives alert if a student does not board the bus (absent report) from the allotted pick up point. Additionally if a student scans in while entering the bus and does not scan out at the end of the trip, Risk Management Centre receives an alert.

Bus Empty Confirmation

G1 has issued an RFID Bus Exit card which is placed at the rear-end windshield of the bus. The driver and bus attendant are enforced to inspect the bus physically and log off by scanning the exit card which is placed at the rear end. The Risk Management Centre gets a formal report of empty bus confirmation. Any violation by the driver is received as a report by the Risk Management Centre and enforced physical inspection is ensured. This facility provides absent report and ensures that no child is left unattended inside the vehicle after a trip.

Management Monitoring System (MMS)

The School Administration can view a customized dash board which displays fleet status, student pick-up & drop off location on real time basis. The information details about driver and bus attendant deployed on any route are available. The total number of students using transport service for all the routes and their check in and out status are mentioned in the dashboard. This system enables the school administration to have complete control of transport service ensuring student safety.

Key features of the initiative are:

  • Real-time attendance status is communicated to school management and parents
  • Automatic bus attendance collection and reports through web portal
  • List of all absentees with full record for attendance admin to backup calls
  • Instant student status update on web portal and parent mobile phone
  • If a student misses the school bus, immediate SMS alert is sent to the parents
  • Parents get alert on mobile application as well as immediate SMS if the bus leaves the stop without picking the child
  • Enforced bus physical inspection by bus attendant after every trip

Key Benefits of the initiative are:

  • Real-time information, where about of the bus and advance notification feature not only enhances the safety standards but also saves parents’ time
  • The Bus Attendant Smart Device helps the attendants to ensure that the students board the right bus.
  • The hand-help device facilitates panic alerts in case of students’ sickness or bus breakdown
  • Instant notification / SMS to parents ensure accurate information and also provide instant alerts.
  • Enforced empty bus verification ensures that no child is left unattended after a trip.
  • Student log and absentee reports ensures that the student boards the correct bus
  • Management Monitoring system ensures that no child is left behind in the school campus after regular school hours.