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Performance Score Cards

Performance Score Cards

Performance management at Guardian One Transport is an ongoing process, throughout the year. Performance management is not about preventing and solving problems. It is an ongoing communication process, undertaken in partnership between an employee and his or her immediate supervisor that involves establishing clear expectations and understanding the following:

  • The employee’s essential job functions
  • How the employee’s job contributes to the goals at G1
  • What it means, in concrete terms, to do the job well
  • How job performance will be measured
  • What barriers hinder performance and how they can be minimized or eliminated

How the employee and the supervisor will work together to improve the employee’s performance Guardian One Transport understands that one of the challenges of making performance scorecard and appraisal work in the company involves leaving behind older ideas of how work gets done, the roles of Superiors and employee, and the purposes associated with performance management.

At G1, we strongly believe that there are two things to understand-what performance management should be and what performance management should not be. These aren’t based on theories, but on observations of what works and doesn’t work in real workplaces.

We at G1 understand that performance management is not a way to threaten or intimidate employees into being more productive. It is also not a method to blame or find fault in employees. It is not for attacking the personality and attitudes of employees. It is a broad set of tools used for the purpose of optimizing the success of each employee, each work unit, the manager, and the school. If these goals are to be achieved, the manager must adopt a modern mindset. Hence the manager must look forward. We must understand that the benefits we can achieve through performance management will come only when we complete all the steps, not just evaluating performance. Individually, we can improve performance only a little bit. Employees, on their own, can improve performance only a little bit. However, when the Manager and each employee realize that they are on the same side and work together, then one can improve performance by huge amounts, not only for each employee, but also for the entire Company.

This Performance Scorecard at G1 is very carefully structured, managed and implemented.

Guardian One Transport understands the important role played by the school bus drivers and attendants in achieving its vision and hence has developed a Performance Scorecard. The main objectives of the Performance Scorecard are as follows:

  • To monitor the performance of drivers and attendants
  • To assess their training needs
  • To identify good performance for reward / award programs
  • To initiate corrective action against defaulters
  • For all the drivers and bus attendants who stay incident-free in the set standards during the assessment year are awarded with compliance points and for the offence committed by them, a prescribed deterrent point shall be awarded in the respective category

The performance standards of drivers are being set in the following six performance standards:

  • Discipline violations
  • Maintenance violations
  • Traffic Rule Violations
  • Parking Violations
  • Accidents
  • Safe Travel Check Violations

The performance standards of Bus Attendants are being set in the following four performance standards:

  • Student Management & Safety Violations
  • Classroom Assistance Violations
  • Up Keeping Violations
  • Disciplinary Violations

The Performance Scorecard of drivers and bus attendants will be accounted and maintained as a part of performance management system of the company. They will be graded in the following categories against the category as per the points acquired by them.

50 - Above points
40 - 49 points
Very Good
20 - 39 points
0 - 19 points

While calculating the points for the performance during the negative points of last two years shall be considered. Violations and negative marking awarded prior to the period of two years shall be waived off. In case of any serious/major accidents by drivers due to their own fault, during probationary period, their services may be terminated immediately without any notice. Any disciplinary actions will be initiated only by the ‘disciplinary committee’ formed on the instructions of General Manager. The staff with the ‘Outstanding’ rating will be selected and awarded with certificates and prizes during the annual staff gatherings / functions.