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Campus Entry & Exit System

Campus Entry & Exit System

The innovative technology records the student check in and out time from the school in real-time. This allows the school administration to know exact number of students who entered the school campus either by bus or by own transport. The attendance is recorded both from the school buses as well as the school gate. The control device records the exact time and update on cloud for parent and school information.

This system facilitates real-time notification to parents through mobile application. The system can regulate the exit practice by identifying the authorized person with real-time updated information of student he / she can take with. Also shows overall attendance trends in charts, graphics for better visualization and quick understanding.

Benefits of Campus Entry & Exit System

  • Reduce paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance management system
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and errors in time and attendance entries
  • Improve visibility to track and manage student attendance & absenteeism across the school
  • Real-time status tracking of early exit request
  • Easy attendance recording using RFID & NFC cards
  • Track the attendance of teachers and staff, assign work and manage allocation
  • Keep the parents informed about the student’s performance via Email & SMS alerts
  • Auto-generate various types of reports of class or student attendance

This innovative technology helps teachers and parents to relax, while the students are safely on their way home.